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2 Stroke Super Premium Plus TC-W3

2 Stroke Super Premium Plus TC-W3

  • Exceeds manufacturers specs. & WILL NOT VOID Warrentee
  • NMMA approved – exceeds their stringent requirements
  • Engineered for operation under extreme conditions!
  • Ashless formula ensures efficient starting every time
  • For oil injection or premix engines – 1hp – 300hp
  • PIB viscosity modifyer ensures maximum lubrication
  • Super Premium additive package makes this oil the cleanest burning, smoothest running,best lubricating oil you can buy!
4 Stroke Super Premium Blended Synthetic

4 Stroke Super Premium Blended Synthetic

  • Meets & Exceeds manufacturers specifications
  • Surpasses API requirements, SJ, Cf4, CH4 & NMMA approved
  • Engineered for operation under extreme conditions!
  • Shear stable polymer additives ensure viscosity in harsh conditions
  • Synthetic / Organic blend ensure excellent performance – 3hp – 300hp
  • Super Premium 4Stroke additive package makes this oil the smoothest running, best lubricating, marine oil you can buy!!
Starbrite Boat Scuff Erazor - 41000

Boat Scuff Erazor

  • For removing shoe scuff marks on decks
  • Gentle on surfaces and tough on dirt/stains
  • Ideal for use around the house to clean walls, baseboards, showers and tubs
Bottom Boat Cleaner - Barnacle Remover | Starbrite Africa

Bottom Boat Cleaner – Barnacle Remover

  • Biodegradable Formula
  • Water-based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula
  • Special patented buffering system, safer than other acid bottom cleaners
  • Removes barnacles, zebra muscles, algae, scum lines, and Rust quickly and easily
Chrome & Stainless Steel Polish

Chrome & Stainless Steel Polish

  • Cleans and shines chrome and stainless steel surfaces
  • Protects against pitting, discoloration, staining and rusting
  • Easy to use. wipe on, wipe off formula
  • Oil based – resists salt and water spray
  • Bonds to metal for long lasting protection
Corrosion Spray Lube

Corrosion Spray Lube

  • For severe operating conditions caused by salt water, salt air & atmospheric chemicals
  • Recommended for corrosive marine applications
  • Outstanding mechanical stability, excellent water resistance
  • Superior rust & corrosive preventative.
Descaling Cooling & Engine Flush

Descaling Cooling & Engine Flush

  • Biodegradable
  • Removes scale, zebra mussels, general marine growth and vegetation from all marine engines
  • Allows engines to run cooler and more efficiently!!
  • Will not damage engine seals, gaskets or rubber impellers
  • Your engine can be treated with the boat right on the trailer
Starbrite Hull Cleaner / Super Cleaner

Hull Cleaner / Super Cleaner

  • Biodegradable in Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Leaves hulls, decks, chrome and fittings sparkling
  • Economical, 1 Litre makes 350 washes
  • Cleans decks, windscreen, bright work, fish boxes, canvas, rugs..
  • Non-streaking, does not leave residue
Inflatable Boat Cleaner / UV Protector

Inflatable Boat Cleaner / UV Protector

  • Heavy duty formula removes dirt, grime, scuff marks, oxidation stains
  • Safe for use on all rubber and vinyl surfaces
  • No hard rubbing or buffing required
  • Leaves a tough protective coating
  • The quick and easy way to maintain inflatable boats and boat fenders
  • UV protection against the sun
Gel-Coat Rust Remover: Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment

Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment

  • Ultimate toilet waste treatment with scent for eliminating odours
  • Latest technological lubricants
  • Keeps drain valves clean & prevents sticking
  • Non staining, non-formalderyde, biodegradable formula
  • Breaks down waste quickly and efficiently
  • Once Ounce treats 5 gallons (30mls treats 23 Litres waste)
Liquid Electrical Tape

Liquid Electrical Tape

  • Forms dielectric waterproof protective UV coating
  • A vailable in various colours – Blk, Rd, Grn, Wh, Clr
  • Patented UL® tested, fast drying formula
  • Feels like silicone, dries like nail varnish – 5mins
  • Prevents corrosion on wires & terminals
  • Every ml applied will sustain – 1850vlts. Max Temp 110.44deg
  • Remains flexible