Water Repellent Fabric Protectant

Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics


  • PTEF® polymers help repel UV rays that cause fading
  • Helps prevent mildew stains
  • Does not change feel or breathability of fabric
  • For dirty or stained fabric use Outdoor Collection Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner
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The Outdoor Collection – Fabric Protectant

Starbrite® Outdoor Collection Fabric Protectant is formulated with PTEF®, a protective polymer, barrier coating to restore water repellency to all outdoor fabrics. If surface to be treated is dirty or stained, clean with Outdoor Collection Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner. Once fabric has dried, apply Water Repellent with sprayer, brush, or sponge spreading evenly to thoroughly wet top surface taking care to avoid overspray, or dripping onto surfaces not being treated. Let dry for 6 hours before using.