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STARBRITE AFRICA™ Ultimate Marine Care and Auto Care products. Starbrite Africa is based in Cape Town, South Africa and distributes throughout Africa & the African Islands.

Starbrite Africa distribute a wide range of products for Hi Tech Marine Care, Sport Bass Angling Clubs, Deep Sea Angling Clubs, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, Performance Boat Racing, Marine Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Trucking & Agricultural & Marine Performance Coolants, Aviation Cleaners Polishers, RV/Caravan Care, Outdoor & 4×4 Products, Hi Grade Biodegradable Performance Lubes & Anti Corrosion Blockers.

Marine Care

Main 3

RV Outdoor

RV, Outdoor & 4x4


Agri Products

Home Care



Performacide - Medical

Starbrite Products, designed for any application and engineered to be most durable.


Why use Starbrite products?

  • World Leader in Hi Tech Marine Care Products
  • Starbrite are the leaders, specializing in marine and auto care products
  • Represent the ultimate in professional boat & yacht maintenance
  • Exceptional standards and excellent customer service you can rely on
  • ”Engineered to sustain anything mother nature can unleash”!

Worldwide International distributor

In the mid-70’s, STAR BRITE became the U.S. Leader In Marine and Auto care products and is currently a leading
Worldwide International distributor for the Starbrite range.