Premium RV One Step Cleaner Wax


  • Restores color and shine to fiberglass and painted surfaces
  • Contains UV inhibitors to help prevent fading
  • Ideal for removing light scuff marks
  • Can be applied by hand or with a buffer



Shake well before use. Using a dry, soft cotton or microfiber cloth, apply product evenly in a circular, overlapping motion to ensure uniform coverage,  working in small sections of about 18” by 18” at a time. RV One Step Cleaner Wax works while wet, so apply more as needed. Rub well to remove light oxidation, hazing, chalking or scuff marks. Severely oxidized sections may require a repeated application with more vigorous rubbing. RV Cleaner Wax will quickly dry to a haze; rub off using a soft, clean cotton or microfiber cloth. Once the surface is restored, seal and protect it with a coating of Starbrite Premium RV Polish.

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Starbrite®’s new line of RECREATIONAL VEHICLE CARE products is engineered to clean, maintain, protect and enhance the appearance and value of RVs and travel trailers. All of these Premium RV products are formulated utilizing the company’s 45 years of experience creating products designed for the saltwater marine environment, the toughest conditions any fiberglass, paint or metal surfaces can face. As with all Starbrite products, they are easy to use, provide professional grade results and are a great value.