1 Gallon Star-Cool


NEW state-of-the-art proprietary Poly Organic Acid Technology (POAT) provides cooling system protection for 750,000 miles/7 years/12,500 hours of service life.


  • Excellent for complete coolant system refills or for topping off existing fills.
  • Compatible with all conventional antifreezes and orange DEX-COOL™.
  • Protects cast iron, aluminum, steel, brass, copper and solder.
  • Reduces formation of abrasive solids to help extend water pump life.
  • Yellow in color.

Starbrite Coolant 750,000miles / 9years / 15000Hrs protection – protects all the working parts

  • Biodegradable. No SCA’s (No additional Additives required) Built in leak stopping ingredient.
  • The only full concentrate Coolant on the market.
  • Temp range from 50/50mix -35degC – 129degC / 60/40mix -45degC – 132degC / 70/30mix -45degC – 142degC.
  • Starbrite Coolant sustains anything mother nature can unleash! No matter what drives you!
  • 750,000 Miles – 9Yrs – 15000Hrs Protection
  • Summer Coolant & AntiFreeze – 33500