StarTron Enzyme Diesel Additive



StarTron Diesel Formula makes engines start easier, run smooth, with improved fuel economy and reduced soot and other emissions. It will stabilize diesel fuel for up to 2 years. It works in all types and sizes of diesel engines.


  • Helps increase fuel economy
  • Stabilizes diesel fuel for up to 2 years
  • Makes engines start easier, run smoother
  • Reduces soot and all emissions
  • Lowers fuel system maintenance
  • Eliminates carbon build-up in fuel delivery system and on exhaust components
  • 1 fl. oz. treats 16 gallons of diesel
  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Rejuvenates old fuel


Always add Star Tron just before each fuel fillup. Remove cap and pour the prescribed amount into tank. Overdosing is not harmful.



StarTron Enzyme Diesel Additive Multi Functional Performance – BEST Additive – No matter what drives you!

  • Improves starting & reduces all emissions by up to 80%..
  • Increases fuel economy & performance more than 18% every time!
  • Stabilizes fuel chemistry for at least two years
  • Lowers fuel system maintenance & repairs
  • Eliminates carbon & algae build up off filters, plugs and valves
  • Meets the LOW sulphur requirements for diesel engines