Premium RV Wash


Starbrite® Premium RV Wash is specifically formulated to remove road grime, grease, bug deposits, dust or mud from all exterior areas of an RV. Unlike dishwashing detergents that can strip polish or wax, Starbrite® Premium RV Wash has the power to loosen and remove tough dirt without removing protective coatings.


  • Concentrated formula is tough on dirt yet economical to use; a few capfuls cleans a full-size RV
  • Specifically formulated to remove road grime, bug debris, dust, mud and more
  • Safe for all RV exterior surfaces
  • Will not remove wax or polish; will not harm decals
  • Non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable formula


For best results, use when surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch. Add about an ounce of Star brite® Premium RV Wash to a bucket of water, mixing well. Apply using a cloth, soft brush or sponge, then rinse well. To keep your RV looking its best, apply a protective coating of Star brite® Premium RV Polish with PTEF® at the beginning of each season. Use Star brite® Premium RV Guard Speed Detailer & Protectant with PTEF® after each washing or as often as needed to enhance the shine and extend the life of the polish, or to spot clean light road grime, bug deposits or bird droppings.

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